There's a baby.


Gustav Otto Tamcott
Born August 31, 2021

Thanks to everyone who has reached out about helping with meals while we adjust to life with a Gus! We appreciate those who've already sent their love and congratulations in many wonderful ways. For those looking to support, here's how you can help:


If you'd like to help with groceries, we normally go to Urban Greens Co-Op in Providence. They've set up a private online form you can use to order a gift card. Make sure you answer yes to the question “Is this gift card for Alice?”


If you'd like to buy us a meal, we use these services:

For places that aren't on those services, you can send cash directly to Alice; her Venmo username is DANGERTAM.

General Goods

If you'd like to help us with random baby stuff and other housewares, we usually shop at Target.

We're looking forward to being able to have visitors and will update everyone when we're ready!